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Der Dietmar-Clan wurde 1999 gegründet und war hauptsächlich in Unreal Tournament aktiv.
Von UT99 bis UT3 wurde mit 2 aktiven Teams in verschiedenen Ligen mitgespielt, daher ist dtm][ auch einigen UT-Spielern ein Begriff.

Ab UT3 ging diese Zeit langsam zuende, da die neuen Versionen einfach nicht mehr mit dem guten alten Unreal Tournament mithalten konnten und nach ca. 7 Jahren UT auch die Luft etwas raus war.

Zwischenzeitlich gab es immer mal ein paar Spieler/Teams die in anderen Spielen mehr oder weniger aktiv waren. Z.B. Quake3, Quake4, Warcraft3, Quake Live und Rappelz, somit war bei Dietmar eigentlich seit 1999 immer etwas los und das Grundgerüst blieb in Kontakt.

Mit WoW ist anscheinend die Ära der MMORPGS angebrochen, daher haben die Dietmars sich dazu entschlossen, mit der Gilde Asgard (Runes of Magic) einen extra MMO Bereich einzuführen und somit wieder etwas aktiver zu werden. Hier ein Dankeschön an Thorvald, den Leader von Asgard.

Doch auch das ist schon wieder ein paar Jahre her.. nach Runes of Magic haben wir es mit SWTOR versucht und waren dort auch lange aktiv. Diverse Browsergames, unter Anderem auch C&C Tiberium Alliances wurden auch geklickt. Dort waren wir als „Last Action Heroes“ auch eine Runde sehr gut dabei.

Im Moment sind wir zum Funclan mutiert und es werden wohl hauptsächlich SC2, D3, Heroes of the Storm und Hearthstone gespielt. Auch GTA5 und die UT-Pre-Alpha werden angesehen. Mal sehen, was die Zukunft bringt 😉

Teamspeak vorhanden. IRC auf Wunsch auch vorhanden.

Quake Champions: Neuer Patch und Double XP-Weekend

Kurz vor Weihnachten gibts bei Quake Champions nochmal massiven Nachschub inklusive Double Xp-Weekend bis zum 18.12!

Hier die langen, wirklich sehr langen, Patchnotes:

Winter Celebration Items

The Winter Holiday has come to Quake Champions! Players who logs in during December and January will receive free rewards! We have a ton of new holiday items, all of which drop from Backpacks, Crates, and Reliquaries. New Winter items include:

  • 1 Winter 2017 Hat Vanity for each Champion
  • 10 Winter Profile Icons
  • 10 Winter Nameplates
  • 3 Winter 2017 animated Champion Shaders
  • 3 Winter 2017 Weapon Shaders for each weapon

Winter Hat Bundle

  • This limited-time bundle gives you hats for EVERY Champion. Happy Holidays!

Premium Shader Bundle

  • This bundle offers 3 new Premium Shaders for each weapon!
  • Limited time Winter Theme for the Dimension of the Doomed maps, Burial Chamber and Corrupted Keep

New Champion

Welcome to the arena heavy weapons specialists Lance Corporal Ben Keel, or at least what’s left of him. Brought back to life thanks to cybernetics and power-armor, Keel is armed to the teeth with two shoulder mounted grenade launchers.



  • Health 175
  • Armor 50/125
  • Speed 300/480

Active Ability: Grenade Swarm Keel can store and fire up to 5 grenades at a time. Grenades will bounce off the environment, detonating a few seconds later and inflicting splash damage. Direct hits deal 75 damage per grenade. Each grenade refreshes on a 10-second cooldown.

Passive Ability: Stockpile Keel can reduce his ability cooldown by 5% by collecting any ammo box.

New Arena


ITHAGNAL DUEL MAP Deep within the Netherworld, past the Peaks of Thok, lies this tower of metal and stone. The vault ghouls whisper that the death-maze of sharp angles could only have been hewn from the solid granite by Koth, the Never-Seen Sleeper In Stone. Prepare yourself for the Vale of Pnath.

Designed for Duel and 2v2 TDM, Vale of Pnath is a highly vertical three atrium arena where players will fight for control of both weapons and stack, using the sounds of heavy metal doors to track their enemies movements. Vale provides fun, hectic, and fast paced action for 2 players, but is also available in Custom Game for Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch.

New Weapon


QUAKE 4 RAILGUN From the weapons depot of Rhino Squad comes the Quake 4 railgun. Mathew Kane brought this beast of a gun back from Stroggos just so you can assess your aim down its scope. How many can you take down in a single shot?

Additional Features

  • New Ranked Play and Leaderboards for Duel
  • Added Crosshair Customization: one of the most requested Community features
  • Choose from over 40 different crosshairs and use a slider to choose your color of choice
  • Chests & Reliquaries now offer guaranteed rarities!
  • Chests reward at least one item of Rare quality and above
  • Reliquaries reward at least one item of Epic quality and above
  • Rune Challenge Animated Champion Shaders
  • Each champion now has 5 new animated Champion Shaders which you can earn from completing one of four Elder God rune challenges, and the Master Rune challenge.
  • Added FPS Limiter in Options
  • Added Teammate X-ray Outlines Option
  • Enabled load on demand of geometry for further memory optimization

(mehr …)

Starcraft 2 wird Free2Play!

Blizzard hat bei der Eröffnungszeremonie der BlizzCon 2017 bekanntgegeben, daß der Multiplayer-Teil von  StarCraft 2 auf ein Free-to-play-Modell umgestellt wird. Die erste Kampagne (Wings of Liberty) soll ebenfalls kostenlos spielbar sein. Käufer der ersten Kampagne sollen die zweite Kampagne (Heart of the Swarm) kostenlos erhalten usw. Des weiteren sollen Free-to-play-Nutzer Zugang zu den Ranglistenmatches haben. Als Schmankerl sind zudem alle Co-op-Kommandanten bis Stufe 5 spielbar. Die Free2Play Umstellung erfolgt am 14. November 2017. Weitere Details sollen in den nächsten Tagen folgen.

Quake Champions Patch ist live

Es wurde ein neuer Patch auf die Liveserver aufgespielt, anbei die Patchnotes:


  • Terror-Billy’ skin added for B.J. Blazkowicz. Instructions on how to obtain it can be found here.
  • Fixed an issue which caused every player to drop a frame when a player respawns. This issue especially impacted matches with high player counts, resulting in frame loss and poor performance.
  • Fixed an issue where players were able to slow down in-game process via the command line
  • Fixed Vanity items from briefly disappearing when the user switches between Set, Headgear, Torso, Legs, and Vanity sections in the Customization menu
  • Addressed issue where Nyx was able to fire slightly before coming out of Ghost Walk
  • ‘The Keeper’s Head’ vanity item clipping issues improved


Neuer Quake Champions Patch

Anbei die Patchnotes:

Fixed crash some players were experiencing on loading/unloading from game
Fixed crash some players were experiencing in customization screen when buying item with both platinum and shards at the same time
Fixed crash some players were experiencing on purchasing vanity items in customization
Fixed issue where players were being kicked from match while loading into Burial Chamber with the exception of the Spectator
Fixed in-game Contacts list so it properly shows player’s online/offline status and no longer causes performance issues with larger Contacts lists
Fixed issue when Spectating a player that died did not show the death animation and instead showed the player select screen
Fixed issue where Sorlag’s acid spit ability was doing double damage at certain distances
Improved double landing sounds for all Champions
‘The Keeper’s Head’ vanity item added for Ranger. Instructions on how to obtain it can be found here.

Kleiner Patch auf dem Weg zur Final

Kleiner Patch, große Wirkung 🙂

Early Access – Week 31 – Patch Notes

Increased the blue zone DOT (Damage over Time)

Bug Fix
Resolved a bug where bullets would sometimes ignore armor

Sollte der Patch auf den Testservern gut laufen können wir ab Donnerstag mit einem deutlich verändertem Game-Meta rechnen 🙂


Desweiteren wurde angekündigt, damit das lang erwartete „Klettern“ anfang November seinen Weg auf die Testserver finden wird.

Quake Champions: jede Menge Bugfixes

Diesen Monat gibt es jede Menge Bugpatches @ Quake Champions, anbei der Changelog:


Game Balance

Small Health and Light Armor now grant a consistent value of +25 HP/AP respectively
Improved issues with predictive spawns in Duels

Game Options

Added Auto Weapon Swap option in Game Settings. Players may now automatically switch to a weapon upon pick-up.

Projectile Updates & Fixes

Numerous issues resulting in Rocket Launcher miss hits resolved
Addressed issues when Rocket Launcher might have miss hits after player used active ability
Resolved desync for the projectile that was shot in midair right before players death
Rocket Launcher client-side hit prediction and server-side validation have been improved
Deterministic shot simulation for rockets implemented
Fixed issue where Rocket Launcher projectiles could fly sideways, such that the projectile would be sidewise, not the trajectory

(mehr …)

Neue Woche, neuer weekly Patch

Nachdem die Entwickler ankündigten, künftig keine weeklys mehr zu veröffentlichen, halten sie sich relativ gut an die nicht mehr gültigen Timeline *FG* :



Enhanced breathing animation in the Spectator mode
Added a new feature in the Settings to adjust the zoom-in and zoom-out speed of the World Map

Bug Fixes

Fixed a bug that made the shadows disappear mid-game
Fixed a graphic bug related to players who left the game inside of the starting airplane
Fixed a bug that prevented users from seeing the full alias of their teammates
Improved the synchronization between player aim and spectator aim
Fixed a bug to accurately display teammates‘ marker direction in Free Look mode

Neuer Pubg Patch noch diese Woche! Bye Bye Recoil Macro

Hier die Patchnotes:

Early Access – Week 26 – Patch Notes

Added the following feature to the Map Help section on the World Map: Marking your character’s current position (Default key set to Insert)

You may no longer modify ini files to set a key bind for multiple actions on the same key

Bug Fixes
Fixed a bug that enabled angled foregrip to attach to Tommy Gun
Fixed a graphic bug regarding building locations
Fixed an animation bug that appeared when a character used healing or boosting items in the driver’s seat
Fixed a bug that did not cancel a player’s reload if the character was knocked out during the reload
Fixed a bug where an uncooked grenade could explode if a character was knocked out while holding it
Fixed a graphic bug that would cause a black box texture to appear while scoped when Anti-Aliasing was set to Low or Very Low in the Settings